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American Ballet Theatre


We began to work with ABT by designing an advertising campaign to present their Spring/Fall season at the Metropolitan Opera. We wanted to reintroduce ABT to the world, and to begin to shift people’s perceptions from a more traditional, old-fashioned company to one that is inspired by future-focused values.

We made sure to highlight the ABT logo, and bring it to life with dynamic photographs of ABT’s constellation of extraordinary, multicultural, powerful dancers. Elevating both the brand and stars presents the bold, accessible, friendly, and progressive side of the organization, and widens the impact of the whole company.

We were honored that many ABT company members chose to share our creative across their personal social media accounts, organically driving millions of impressions on top of the campaign’s paid media efforts.



Video: Ezra Hurwitz – Director
Fall Photography: Erin Baiano
Spring Photography: Ken Browar & Deborah Ory

Client: American Ballet Theatre