Art & Creative Direction


The Complete Statements

An inspiring Kickstarter post, which includes a dozen artists’ take on the importance of art and creativity for yourself, society and our collective consciousness.

“By making something new we push back, counteract the constant, dreaded hum of destruction. Life is a process of finding and then losing who and what we love; we create to stave off sadness, to celebrate and grieve, to confront death and oppression.”

Jillian Steinhauer

Reggie Watts

This interview put me on a positive track this week.

“Don’t look at the outside world to find yourself. It’s not really out there. The inside informs what you’re receiving from the outside, so you have to start from the inside. Then, the reflection of the outside world informs what’s on the inside. That really is just a matter of having fun. It really is.”

Jose Dominguez

Love these paintings and drawings! Really smart and funny combination of graphics and text. Reminds me of my own thoughts, flying through my head at any point throughout the day. The best artists and writers find a way to catch them and bottle them up to be used in just the right way. See more of Jose here, here and HERE!