Art & Creative Direction


Jose Dominguez

Love these paintings and drawings! Really smart and funny combination of graphics and text. Reminds me of my own thoughts, flying through my head at any point throughout the day. The best artists and writers find a way to catch them and bottle them up to be used in just the right way. See more of Jose here, here and HERE!

Radical Solitude

Tibor de Nagy gallery’s recently completed an exhibition on Jesse Murry’s paintings, focused on work made in New York after the artist graduated from Yale in 1986 with an MFA in painting. Although he was deeply inspired by the Romantic landscape tradition, particularly Turner, Constable, and Friedrich, he used landscape not so much as the subject of his work, but as the form through which the mind can freely interpret the dynamic and transient conditions of climate and weather, light and atmosphere, not as events in nature but as events of the imagination. More about the exhibition here.